The Guy Willis Story

Guy M. Willis, founder of Guy Willis Inspection Company, became involved in the oil and gas industry in the late 1940's.

In the 1950's Mr. Willis worked as landman and crude oil purchasing agent for Pan-America Oil Company in Midland, Texas, heading their Permian Basin operations. In the 1960's Mr. Willis became President of Holly Corporation, a construction and engineering firm that built jet fuel storage facilities for the U.S. Air Force throughout the United States, and abroad. After his retiring from Holly Corporation, he acquired Permian Basin Construction Company, which built pipelines, gathering systems and compressor stations for the oil and gas industry.

After graduating from college in 1971 with a B.B.A. in Business, Guy Wade Willis began working closely with his father. They formed PetroChem International, which they sold in 1985. They then re-entered the inspection business as Guy Willis Inspection Company, which has operated in pipelines, plants, stations and refineries.

Together they always believed that in order to run a good inspection company, customer relations must be based on integrity and reliability. Mr. Willis's lifetime experiences helped build and mold Guy Willis Inspection Company.

After the death of Guy M. Willis in June 1996, Guy Wade Willis has carried on his father's legacy as the company's Owner and President.